Located in the Living Water Resort & Spa in Collingwood, Ontario, Lakeside Seafood & Grill is Collingwood's only waterfront restaurant. In addition to a spacious dining room, Culinary Theatre and private dining, we feature a large summer patio overlooking the marina and the iconic Collingwood grain tower.

Serving Chef Emily Mallen's inspired land to sea menu with only the freshest seasonal ingredients. Savour a diverse choice of sustainable seafood, mouth-watering steaks and chops, popular fish and chips, a sophisticated wine list, local craft beers, and unique refreshing cocktails. Celebrate with friends and family with exquisite service and stunning views of Georgian Bay.

Supporting Our Local Community

Front Line Workers Appreciation Week

We care about our local front line workers, Lakeside Seafood & Grill has organized two front line

workers appreciation week events with 50% discount on all meals.

Staff Food Basket

The Lakeside team has been front and center helping to organize food baskets for members of our Living Water team who have a need during COVID.



For Larry Law, a Toronto-based business leader and respected home builder, a visit to Collingwood was love at first sight. Larry recognized an opportunity to turn around a hotel that had fallen on hard times. Larry quickly acquired the property. 
It was through those years of many memorable experiences with his family and friends at this property that inspired Larry to turn this beautiful and natural environment into a community. He wanted others to be able to come to the resort and have people visit, stay and enjoy what was so special to him. With this in mind, Larry created what is today known as Living Water Resorts. And, in doing so, Larry and Living Water Resorts have and continue to contribute to Collingwood’s path to becoming a model community.

est. 1992


A stone lands on the water, the water comes alive and ripples outwards from the spot the stone broke through the calm surface. An endless effect put into motion by one action. Every action, like this stone breaking the surface of the water, reacts.  This is The Ripple Effect.


At Living Water Resorts, we experience the Ripple Effect each day.

A smile when you check-in, a helping a hand, planting a tree, playing a round of golf. We believe that every action we take and you experience during your visit to the resort can create a wonderful ripple effect, not just at the resort but in the world around us.

That’s why our philosophy is ‘pay it forward’.

Every time you book a stay at Living Water Resorts, visit one of our onsite restaurants, play a round of golf or visit the spa, we donate a portion of the proceeds to a cause we believe in, whether it is for shelter for those in need or the dedication to planting over 500 trees this year.

Our mission of Living Water Resorts is to ensure that every action taken at the resort creates a positive impact in the lives of the guests, the employees and the world at large.

So, go ahead and play. Enjoy yourself. Smile at strangers. You’ll create The Ripple Effect.


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